Michael A. Swinton, P.A.

Michael A. Swinton, P.A. is a premier criminal and civil trial and litigation law firm. Asserting your right to go to trial or litigate legal issues is a core principle that we believe is the way to achieve the best results for our clients. Michael A. Swinton, P.A. represents clients under investigation or charged with a crime by the United States or the state of Florida. The firm also represents clients seeking to assert their rights in personal injury matters.

It is our experience that law firms that are trial-centered get the best results for clients because the opposing parties know and fear that if a reasonable offer is not made the trial-centered law firm is well prepared to take the case to trial. The fear of losing at trial and getting nothing gives the opposing party a very good incentive to propose a great resolution for you, the client.

Michael A. Swinton, P.A. will thoroughly investigate, prepare, and try your case. We take pride in working with and keeping in constant communication with our clients. If you are looking for a law firm that will aggressively assert your right to trial, then Michael A. Swinton, P.A. deserves serious consideration. Set up a free consultation and let us investigate your case.