Sex Crimes

Sexual battery, lewd and lascivious offence, and possession of child pornography are some of the examples of sex crimes. Sex crimes are sometimes considered the most serious charges an individual could face, and it is not just because of the potentially lengthy prison sentence. Not only do the charges come with a loss of reputation in the community, a conviction could mean a lifetime of punishment even after completion of a prison sentence. A conviction or a plea to a sex offense in most situations means an individual would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his/her life. And depending on the circumstances, an individual could face indefinite civil commitment after completion of a prison sentence if he or she meets a certain criteria. There are many other restrictions for a sex offender, which includes where one lives if he/she is released. Michael A. Swinton, P.A. has experience with these types of charges. Call for a consultation.